Welcome to Sona Sati Organics Pvt Ltd

The SSOPL, incorporated on 12th January 2004, is promoted by Sri Devendra Kumar Singh, Sri Rakesh Singh & Sri Manish Jaiswal with the main objective to successfully carry on the business of manufacture & trading of Ethyl Alcohol, suitable for various uses such as Rectified Spirit, Portable Alcohol, Country Liquor, etc. The SSOPL has set up a 45KLPD distillery plant, now enhanced to 75KLPD capacity, for manufacturing Ethyl Alcohol along with 02MW cogenerating power plant in Gopalganj district of Bihar. The main product of the company is rectified spirit. Besides, it produces denatured spirit as by product, which constitutes about 5% of total sales. The company started its commercial operations from mid-2013-14.

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Our distillery has the most modern technology in respect of the ZLD (Zero liquid discharge) policy. We are the only one in the state of Bihar using incineration boiler & 02 stage RO plant, rotary dryer technology for making the Blended Fuel with the mixing of rice husk & concentrated spent wash.


Sona Sati Organics Pvt. Ltd. has established & commissioned a standalone 45 KLPD, now enhanced to 75 KLPD, molasses-based distillery plant in the year 2013. The SSOPL is a private limited company, vide registration no. 4053/BR/GNJ.

Mission & Vision

To be the leader in our chosen business area, create an organization that all our constituents are proud to be associated with, set benchmarks that will become the standard for others to emulate..


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Our Values

We are only one in state of Bihar using incineration boiler & 02 stage RO plant, Rotary dryer technologyfor making the Blended Fuel with the mixing of Rice Husk & concentrated spent wash. ...

High Tech Factory.

High tech systems and technology mark the production facilities on Sona Sati campus. An additional advantage is that SSOPL is the first distillery in Bihar to instal Multi Effect Evaporator and incineration boiler to successfully implement the air, water pollution guidelines of the Govt of India.